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Some of the benefits of our program are:

• Repair body asymmetry

• Increases range of motion and strength

• Increase speed and reaction times

• Reduces pain if present

• Speeds up healing in case of injuries

• Improved motor skills leading to enhanced sports performance

• Prevent injuries

MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP $35 (1 Year, billed monthly)

• First visit that includes complete Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Evaluation.

• First set of X-rays (if needed) during Evaluation

• Free foot scanner to evaluate feet imbalance.

• Unlimited Physical Therapy sessions (includes sports recovery, stretching, sports massage)

• Unlimited Chiropractic Care

• Unlimited postural and daily activities performance consulting

• 40% in Annual Sports Physical Exam (regular price $35)

• 20% Discount on custom orthotics and any other product.

• 20% Discount for direct family member in any WPT service

• Coaches training in stretching techniques, energy conservation and sports injury prevention.

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