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Common causes of auto-related trauma are acute and chronic headaches accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, sensitivity to light in the eyes and ringing/humming inside the ears caused by the sudden hyperextension-hyperflexion centrifugal forces of deceleration. These might also lead to recurrent neck pain and stiffness with any sudden motion in just about any direction, as well as referred pain across the top of the shoulders and into the upper and mid back/shoulder blade areas, with accompanied anterior pectoral region pain referring down into the distal aspect of either upper extremity and with associated weakness, tinging and numbing into the fingers of either hand. 

Any and / or all of these symptoms can also be caused by the sudden deployment of the vehicle’s airbags impacting the head and chest, as well as by the sudden locking mechanism of the restraining seatbelt over the superior-anterior aspect of the left shoulder and pectoral region (as in the case of the driver) as well as by the locking mechanism of the seatbelt over the right side of the torso / flank and lower back (as in the case of a front-seat passenger) occasionally causing pain that travels across the waist and  accompanied by associated weakness, tingling and numbing of the lower extremities all the way down into the toes of either foot. Moreover, bodily injuries related to motor-vehicle accidents often result in the secondary injury of the person's internal organs / viscera of the abdominal region such as the  digestive and reproductive systems among others. It is for this reason that is imperative that, should you be involved in a recent motor-vehicle accident, you make the crucial, significantly important decision to seek a proper consultation and treatment at a reputable physio-medical institution focused on these types of cases such as our center in order to  receive a tailored, professional diagnosis and treatment based on your specific, professionally examined bodily injuries and in the process increase your odds of living an independent, pain-free, and totally fulfilled  physically capable life.

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