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In today’s ultra-competitive sport environment, regardless of the athletic endeveour being performed, discovering effective methods of facilitating optimal athletic performance is crucial for the reduction and eventual elimination of long-term, nagging injuries and an increased potential for overall “personal success”. For this reason, an effective recovery process is paramount in maintaining an athlete’s physical and psychological well-being, as well as crucial in the pursuit of a successful outcome in the end result of an intense physical training and overall improvement in one’s lifestyle. And what better way to achieve this than to engage in the frequent, clinically and scientifically proven method of performance recovery and injury prevention through a qualified rehabilitative treatment session consisting of elimination of sports-related acid fluid collection within the upper and lower extremities of the body with a Normatec trunk, upper and lower extremity compression system, reduction of joint compression via Chiropractic and physical therapeutic treatments, relaxation and lengthening to normal levels of the muscles, tendons and fascia via dry whirlpool and mechanical distraction tables, as well as hands-on propioceptive neuro-muscular re-education sessions, and through “health tip” for avoiding future injuries via our qualified treatment staff. Don’t delay! If you are one of those “warriors” who regularly engages in strenuous sports endeavors, don’t risk sustaining a debilitating injury that can put you behind schedule and behind your competition.

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