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During  his almost 26-year professional career, Dr. Ray has treated many thousands of patients for Spinal and extremity-related physical conditions with a high level of success and positive results. Not only has he been well-known and very highly regarded by both patients as well as colleagues throughout South Florida as an excellent, professional clinician, but his kind, personalized approach to the diagnosis and treatment of his patient’s condition has set him apart from many others around the greater Miami-Dade Metroplex. He, along with the Wellness Pro Team, will make sure to leave a positive, long-lasting impression in their professional and successful treatment results. In addition to his extensive experience in treating acute and chronic soft-tissue injuries in athletes of all ages and related to a vast  range of different sports ranging from American football, Soccer, Triathlon, Cycling and other competitive-related activities, Dr. Ray’s passion has seen him engaged as an avid cyclist for the greater part of the last 30 years. As a student and practitioner of bio-mechanics and the dynamics involved between the structure and function of the human performance as it relates to the bicycle as a machine, his passion has taken him to seek the most knowledgeable and advanced professionals in the field of Bike-Fitting. In 2015 Dr. Ray traveled to Minnesota to engage in the higher-learning mentorship of professional bike fitting under the patronage of one of the top (if not perhaps the top)  triathlon, time-trial and road professional bicycle bike fitter in the U.S. by the name of Chris Balser (Bike Fit Guru); after which time Chris acknowledged Dr. Ray’s unique capability as a Chiropractic physician in his ability to study, avoid and correct both present as well as future biomechanical mis-alignments and alterations in a cyclist’s form while sitting over the saddle and onto the handlebars as they pedal, along with how these same alterations in form and function lead to eventual loss of power and injuries of the Cervical and Lumbar Spine, Sarum (saddle sores), Pelvis (Sacroiliac joint instability, Piriformis Syndrome) upper extremities (nerve-root encroachment / entrapment syndromes) and lower extremities (Ilio-tibial band injuries, meniscal compressions, wear and tears of knees), sometimes leading to extended periods off the bike and sometimes even permanent retirement from the sport secondary to lingering effects. The fact that Dr. Ray has been able to fuse the professional knowledge of a physician as well as that of an athlete has been a major leap in his ability in helping his patients diagnose, correct, and most importantly help avoid some of the most common injuries in Miami’s fast-growing population of avid cyclists and triathletes.

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